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Cargo insurance

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Container transshipment and delivery by flatbed vehicle

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Sale of used containers

We strongly recommend our customers to insure their cargo, which we provide through a subscription policy with a leading insurance company.

The insurance premium is a small amount, which can save you a lot of losses and commitments - from partial damage to complete loss of the goods, thefts, costs related to salvaging the goods and others.

In addition to the loss of the goods, cargo insurance is also necessary when a GENERAL ACCIDENT has occurred and expenses have been incurred to save the ship and the cargo from general peril. In case of General Accident, the owner of the goods owes joint and several compensation in proportion to the invoice value to the ship owner. This obligation is covered by the cargo insurance.

If there is no cargo insurance, the owner of the goods must actually pay the ship owner the amount covering his joint and several liability, to get your goods.